Saturday 10 November 2012

Tejal's boredom makes me do a blog post

Hi All,

Here with a non-crafty post which is going to be filled with (hopefully) whacky answers...So Tee darling is bored and decided to do a tag game.. I love tags, such a fun way to get to know your other blogger pals... :D

So here are goes my list of whackato answers...

1)Where is your cellphone? Right in front of me.. I never let it go out of sight (wherever I go, my phone follows)

2)Your hair?.All smooth and nice after the fantastic hair spa and hair cut (Diwali, come every month so that I can pamper myself like this each month.)

3)Your Mother?.Simple

4) Your Father?.My hero

5)Your favourite food? Why have a favorite when there is so much you can hog on.. Please do not limit my appetite

6)Your dream last night?. Mixed bag of my niece, some cartoons and a runaway convict

7)Your favourite drink?.Fresh lime/sprite

8)Your dream/goal?Make a success out of my chosen career..

9)What room are you in?.My bedroom

10)Your hobby?.Reading

11) Your fear? Losing my love

12)Where do you want to be in 6 years?.Hopefully married with one baby... hahaha...

13)Where were you last night? Home

14)Something that you aren't? Patient

15)Muffins? Chocolate (that's the only flavor I know of... And I would need that flavor for EVERYTHING *wink*

16)Wish list item? Why such restrictive questions.. I have such a huge list...

17)Where did you grow up? Kolkata

18)Last thing you did?.Cut lacey circles

19)What are you wearing?.Last night's night suit.. Needless to say I did not take a bath today...

20)Your TV? Is on.. Someone's watching something on it...

21)Your pets?.None... SIL scared of animals

22)Friends? Absolutely AWESOME

23)Your life?.A roller coaster

24)Your mood?..Cheesy.. I wanna do romantic talks

25)Missing someone? YES

26)Vehicle? Ford Fiesta

27)Something you're not wearing? Watch

28)Your favorite store? I love shopping craft,clotehs,shoes,bags,make-up,stationary and does not have to be in that order

29)Your favorite color? Black and Fuschia

30)When was the last time you laughed?. Still Am.. My niece leaves me in hysterics every 2 mins

31)Last time you cried?.2 days back

32)Your best friend? My love and my Gossip Girls ( love you guys)

33)One place that I go to over and over?Dressing room.. need the mirror to check my hair

34)Facebook?.Can't live without it.. Ama ddicted to the games on facebook

35)Favourite place to eat?.Roadside food (my love for pani puris)

My answers were not silly but ekdam true from the heart.. So c'mon.. Go right ahead and start tagging

I Tag Piyu

Lotsa Love,


Unknown said... nice to know more of you.

Tee said...

OMGee!! U love shopping? I didn't know!! ;p
U've been shopping nonstop for the last 3 days!! Bas karo ab!
This is so much fun!! Must come up with weird questions now!!

Crafting Aberrigines said...

and there goes another one ...
Tejal started an epidemic !
Oh I love fuschia too....

Erum Tasneem said...

what a super post!

Quill Pill said...

Wowie..loved ur answers and the game too :D will post my answers as soon as I get back home post diwali..

Dr Sonia S V said...

Khush since you love shopping so much I will let you do pet peeve these days !