Tuesday 29 March 2011

Punched Lily Flowers frame.

This was a gift I had given to my sister-in-law and brother for their first anniversary... Kindly excuse the horrible pic.. New camera.. yet to get my ropes about it...

Friday 18 March 2011

Hanging roses

This is a hanging roses birthday card with a bird perched on the window..
Again this is a punch craft card..:-)

Diasy Punch flowers card

This was the first easel card I had ever made. I did not even know what an easel card was before this.. It was good fun to make this.. With a pink base I have put in flowers of various shades of yellow and white..

The picture inside belong to my nephew..Isn't he adorable.. Boasts of the fact that I used his picture in the card..:-)

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Punch Craft card

This is my lilies punch craft card.. Had learnt it in my punch craft class and had to re-do it as my father gifted my original work.. I love the punch crafted lilies... They are the easiest to make and they look sooo pretty...

Monday 14 March 2011

Quilled Name Plate

This was my second quilling project-The quilled name plate.. As you can see it very nciely displays my surname.

The RATHI is done up by braiding six-strips of quilled strips together.. The base is cream coloured board..

The flowers on the side. The first time I had seen the picture I was like OMG How am I going to make that.. But once I saw the detailing.. It was a piece of cake...

The lattice punch is from Martha stewart. Crimped quilling strips for the borders and Punched flowers and ferns from Punch Bunch

This was my first quilling project, The Lilypad Frog Pond.. The base is made of  2 old CDs ( I believe in reusing and recycling) which have been glued together. I then cut out a light blue coloured paper in the shape of the pond slightly larger than the original size of the CDs. This project help me understand all the basic shapes of quilling especially the lose coil.. I made hundreds of them I think.

The edges are made of brown quilling strips of two shapes pinched into squares and the water has three shades of blue.

Three frogs of varying sizes and the beautiful butterfly and dragonfly.

The pop-up lily of Martha Stewart Punch and the small flowers floating on the water are the Flower cluster from Punch Bunch.