Saturday 7 April 2012

Scrappy Swap...!!

Hey Peeps,

How is Saturday coming along.. Kolkata weather at the moment is AWESOME.. All cloudy and chilly.. Am totally loving the weather.. The drawback of it though is that I do not feel like crafting at the moment even though I have a lot of ideas going through my mind...

Recently I took part in a scrappy swap organized by Saumya.. And lucky me, my partner was Saumya herself.. She sent me some real cool stuff.. Just thought would share it with you guys...

Saumya sent me a lot of variety.. Now am thinking of ways on how to use them up.. Thanks Somu.. *big hug*



chillin with Quillin said...

awesome, I'm sure they will be used and the outcome will be great!!!!

yyam said...

Oooh...looks like some fun stuff to play with!

Unknown said...

amazing stuff you have got :)