Monday 8 August 2011

A get well soon RAK from Shalini...!!

From a perfect ordinary day to a super extraordinary one.. That is what happens when a card reaches you and that too from someone who is very dear to you...!!

I have been bored since my house arrest thanks to my leg... and was cribbing to Shalini the other day about me being bored and look what came in the mail today.. I was SURPRISED.. Actually surprised is an understatement...I was kind of bewildered at first and then very very touched.... She sent me such a cute get well soon card along with 2 books from my absolutely favourite authors...!!

Take a look...!!

Shalini you made my day.... Thanks so much.. Now am off to read... Happy Crafting guys...!!



Tee said...

Shooo cute!!! after you finish reading I'll borrow it!! :D

Karuna said...

wow!! lucky u!! the card is super fab!!

Ujjwal said...

you lucky girl ! looks like cribbing pays :D

have fun reading!

Monica said...

Hi Khush,

Am so happy that you Re being spoiled so much - plus side of it all!
And what An adorable card that is and super books to read. I was a big fan of Jeffrey Archer as well!

xxx Monica

chillin with Quillin said...

That was so sweet of her, the card is so cute, enjoy your books!!!

Shalini said...

am so glad u liked it Khushboo... take gud gud care:)

Biiiig warm Hug

Esther said...

Enjoy reading!!!!

Hussena said...

hey this is a damn cute card and i envy u these books they are my fave authors too.

Spardha said...

How thoughtful of her!.. have fun sitting and reading!.. :D
P.S. pretty card! :D